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Pentagon release 3 UFO clips of US Navy :surprised & miracle

Pentagon -3 UFO clips - US Navy
Pentagon release 3 UFO clips of US Navy

The Pentagon has released videos of 3 unannounced UFOs shot by US Navy pilots. it appears to be flying unknown. The video is said to have been taken during flights training. Which is shot in black and white. The first video was taken in November 2004. And the other two videos were shot in January 2015. The US Department of Defense has confirmed the leak in a statement.

Pentagon clarification

The Pentagon said in its statement that the UFO images have been released after careful review to “clear up any misconceptions from the public.” After an in-depth review, the department decided that the authorized publication of these videos would not remove any sensitive information or systems and would not affect the investigation of unknown intrusions into military airspace. ”itary airspace by unidentified air phenomena. “

pentagon news

Los videos aparecieron por primera vez en línea después de filtraciones no autorizadas en 2007 y 2017, pero la Marina ya había confirmado su autenticidad.

Pentagon surprised : gives new life to unresolved questions

With this, again, many unresolved questions have found new life, such as whether life exists on a planet outside the Earth. Have creatures from other planets visited our land? Are the claims made by some Earthlings that they have gone to the home of the Aliens? is true…

While 100 percent answers to these questions have not yet been received by mankind. Video leaking during this corona crisis. Also US Department of Defense removes it from the secret list and confirmed – surprising. Because in times of crisis the aliens are once again in the news.

It is to be known that the news of rest of the US President had come in the discussion. In response, Trump issued a statement via Twitter that he is the most diligent president – people say. Is this an issue raised to divert attention from this. It definitely makes me think. In India, such propaganda is always done by the government.

In Pentagon surprised – Is it not possible

In Pentagon surprised – Is it not possible

Searching for aliens on other planets has been a challenging task for science. It is also possible that scientists of other planets are also making the same discovery. This is why their ships reach the earth – no wonder! We residents of Earth have also reached the moon and Mars. And have also sent a vehicle to the house of Saturn. In future, human race will also dare to go there through vehicles.

It is hard to imagine how big this universe is. Our Earth is smaller than a particle of sand in this universe. There are many planets larger than Earth in this universe. and there are countless galaxies in our universe.

In 2009, the US space agency NASA launched a project called Kepler Mission-10. The purpose of which was to gain information by studying galaxies, in which life is possible. Kepler Mission-10 is equipped with a powerful telescope, and can search for a planet that matches Earth. According to a study, there are 160 billion planets in our galaxy, where aliens can be.

Other Facts based on UFO like Pentagon & US Navy

Other Facts based on UFO like Pentagon & US Navy

In 2010, news came that after 1948, aliens frequently visited US nuclear missile sites. As well as the United Kingdom. A team of former United States Air Force personnel claimed to have landed at the Suffolk nuclear site in Britain. These officials also announced to make public their experiences related to UFO. Captain Robert Salas, a former officer in the US Air Force, has also told of unidentified flying sailors. Which we often identify them as UFOs.

The Daily Mail also wrote an article citing these facts. Which accuses the government of lying about the national security issue. But we can prove it. The former officer said he first experienced these incidents on March 16, 1967 at the Malmstrom Airforce Base in Montana.

Like the Pentagon and US Navy, ufo has been seen before

The officer said that he was on duty when a UFO-like thing came over the site and started hovering. The missiles had stopped functioning at that time. And exactly the same was seen a week later at another nuclear site. Another officer, Colonel Charles Halt, has also confirmed that the same happened in Britain’s nuclear weapons sites.

NASA computer scientist and professor Silvano P. Colombo has also claimed in his research paper.
“The structure of aliens may not be based on the traditional carbon structure. So we may not be able to identify them. It is also possible that aliens have a different identity than humans imagine.

Some American women claim to have sex with an alien. And tells the father of her children Alien. The women named Nielsen and Aluna state that they have a total of 13 children from the alien.

Now let’s look at the Corona related news of the Pentagon.

On 6 April, the US Defense Headquarters Pentagon confirmed 1,000 soldiers on duty were infected with the Corona virus. While 1,132 soldiers were feared to be infected by morning.

The US Navy had the highest number of 431 cases in the military services. More than 150 of them are crew members of the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt.

It is known that cases related to corona virus in America are increasing. So far, 3 lakh 39 thousand people have been infected with the corona virus. There have been 9 thousand 687 deaths across the country. The situation of more than 8 thousand people remains critical.

conclude, In such a way, I leave it to the readers, how to understand this news of Pentagon and US Navy based on UFO.

What do you think?

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