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Trending Topics of 23-5-2020 – Trend

Trending Topics of 23-5-2020

Today is the auspicious day marking the end of Ramadan Kareem. As the crescent of moon was visible, the entire world jumped into the pool of celebrations. While you celebrate, we handpicked the Top Ten Trending Topics of 23-5-2020 for you.. 

1. Eid Mubarak -500k+ : Trending Topics of 23-5-2020

We wish you a Happy Eid in these very different and sometimes difficult circumstances. Eid in Birmingham, the UK and around the world has concluded for today. This Eid was very special in so many ways. Green Lane Masjid and Community Centre in Birmingham made the call to prayer through loudspeakers at 1.30pm today as mosques were allowed to broadcast it in Birmingham for the first time. It is also delivering hot Eid meals and gifts to needy families around the city today.

Mosques remain closed during the nationwide lockdown and families are urged to confine celebrations to their own household.

2. Hana Kimura -100K+ : Trending Topics of 23-5-2020

On a sadder note, Hana Kimura, a female professional wrestler from Japan, who was also among the cast of the popular Japanese reality series Terrace House, has died at 22, her wrestling organisation said, after she reportedly faced online bullying.

Kimura was reportedly found dead at her home, with the cause not immediately known. She had recently posted messages on social media seeming to tell her fans goodbye, and her death sparked a public outpouring of anger at cyber-bullying.

3. Doja Cat -50k+ -Trending Topics of 23-5-2020

Trending Topics of 23-5-2020

A 2015 song by the artist Doja Cat titled “Dindu Nuffin” has been spreading like wildfire across social media. The phrase “Dindu Nuffin”, a stylised pronunciation of “didn’t do nothing”, is used by racist alt-right groups to mock Black victims of police brutality. As the resurfaced song, video chats have also come to light which allegedly show Doja Cat interacting with an alt-right incel group.

#DojaCatIsOverParty began trending on Twitter after Hollywood Unlocked revealed a video reportedly showing the singer with the group on the video chat platform Tinychat.

4. Khloe Kardashian -50k+ -Trending Topics of 23-5-2020

Khloe Kardashian ‘s ex-boyfiend Tristan Thompson has left a thirsty comment after she debuted her dramatic new look on Instagram. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, 35, sent fans into a frenzy this weekend when she shared a picture of herself looking dramatically different.

Many speculated she had some work done on her face, but it looks like her ex Tristan is a big fan of Khloe’s new look. He was among those who commented on her pictures, writing “Baddie” and added that he was “all for the caption”.

Khloe had captioned the snaps with the cryptic words: “Location: under b***hes skiiiinnnnn.”

5. Joan Collins 50K+ -Trending Topics of 23-5-2020

Famous birthdays list for May 23, 2020 includes celebrities Drew Carey, Joan Collins

6. Hilary Duff -50k+ -Trending Topics of 23-5-2020

HILARY Duff has taken the unbelievable step to shut down rumors that she is involved in sex trafficking, labeling them “disgusting.”

On Saturday morning, Hilary, 32, began trending on Twitter after she posted a video of her son Luca, 8, laying down naked on Instagram.

People on Twitter began accusing Hilary of being involved in sex trafficking, forcing her to delete the post.

But she followed up with a video explaining her actions and said she covered up Luca’s private parts before posting the video.

7. Bayern Munich -20k+ -Trending Topics of 23-5-2020

8. Hertz -20k+ -Trending Topics of 23-5-2020

After 100 years in business, Hertz filed for bankruptcy on Friday, proving to be yet another casualty during Covid-19. 

The old-time entity now joins the likes of J.C. Penney, J. Crew, Neiman Marcus, Gold’s Gym, Pier 1 and the McClatchy newspaper chain—companies that have all sought bankruptcy protection in recent weeks. Hertz was just another victim of the pandemic, people will say.

It’s easy to blame the company’s misfortunes, as well as the other corporate casualties, on the pandemic. The reality is a different story. The failures of Hertz and the others have more to do with their own arrogant inertia and inability to recognize the fast-changing trends and a refusal to adapt their business models accordingly.

9. Wolfsburg vs Dortmund 20k+ -trends 23-5-2020

10. Dan Hodges -20k+ -trends 23-5-2020

Trending Topics of 23-5-2020 : That’s all for today, stay tuned to get more of such hot, burning and trending topics from all over the UK. Ciao!

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