Trending topiccovers the most used keywords on the social network during a given period of time. It is a concept related to trends and topics for everyone

twitter-YouTube-Facebook- Google trends are hot subjects of Trending Topics

Trending topics are accompanied by hashtags which make it easy to find all the tweets and conversations of users around this topic.

In this way, by checking on Twitter what are the current hot topics, you can easily know the latest topics and which arouse real interest among the majority of Twitter users. –Trending topics

How to identify trendy & Trending topics subjects?

Twitter has an algorithm that allows you to identify trending topics from a number of variables. To identify a trending subject, elements such as the number of users who use this keyword in their tweets, the increase in the number of users who use it recently or the retweets received by this particular keyword are taken into account. account.

In order for Twitter to identify Trending topics, it is essential to mark them with a hashtag or a buffer (#) just before the keyword.